Thinking About Possibly Joining A Kung Fu School? Why Not Try The Best One, Free for 30 Days!
Our adult classes are specifically designed for adults of all ages.

Unlike most Kung Fu Schools, where all ranks, levels, and ages are in ONE class, we KNOW that each age range needs a different level of training and attention.

That’s why we separate our students into appropriate age groups.

This allows us to work with our students in an easy to understand manner and also gives you more one-on-one attention and instruction.

This also gives the students the ability to easily relate to each other.

You’re also able to learn and work out without having to worry about being paired up with a smaller child or teenager.

Our qualified instructors know how important your time is and how busy and hectic your life can be.

That’s why they dedicate themselves to arriving early to class, rather than running late.

This reflection of discipline and self-control is one of the many traits that get passed onto our students. We’ve seen many other studios where the instructors come in late and look like they just woke up.

Here, at Maidstone Kung Fu, we pay attention to every detail… and especially the tiny details that other schools may think are insignificant.

Our friendly and clean environment also provides you with a safe and fun atmosphere to work and train. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll also be paired up with students who are within the same skill range as yourself.

There’s no longer a need to feel inadequate or embarrassed while training and learning within our School.

More importantly, we know we’re not the right Kung Fu school for everyone. We can’t be, so we don’t try to be.

That’s why we offer a free 30-day trial so you can see for yourself if we’re a good fit for each other.

So if you’re thinking of trying out a Kung Fu school, try us out for 30 days, on us, so you can see for yourself why we’re one of the top rated Kung Fu schools in Maidstone.

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