Kids Kung Fu Graduation Ceremony

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Graduation Ceremony has got to be one of my favourite times down here at KUNG FU MAIDSTONEWhilst it takes an immense amount of preparation and we certainly all gain a few more grey hairs in the process, just to see the students faces when they are presented with their newly achieved grades makes it soooooooooooooworth while!!!

One of the major points of my decision to bring my own children to MARTIAL ARTS MAIDSTONE was the ethos of …if a student isn’t quite ready for grading, it is not a reflection of the childs ability it means the instructor hasn’t quite managed to get across or taught in a way that the student has managed to absorb.  The instructors will then take time out on a 1 to 1 basis to help the individual student reach the level of the grade. NO STUDENT FAILS WE LOOK DEEPER IN OURSELVES TO FIND A DIFFERENT WAY TO CONNECT …… With a class of sometimes 25 students this is no easy task and only goes to prove the INTEGRITY & PROFESSIONALISM of the instructors here.

This graduation ceremony saw the adults getting more INVOLVED than ever, and the kids absolutely love this!!!

The kids sure blew the adults outta the water with the STUDENT CREED. In fact I think we should make it mandatory for the adults to know the student creed ha ha !!!

The adults got to feel the power of the kids by helping out with pad holding…. Im sure they would agree that even our LITTLE DRAGONS  are a force to be reckoned with !!!!

We then had a PUNCHATHON competition  between some students Vs parents ……..THE FOCUS FACES & CONCENTRATION TONGUES  were hilarious …and that was the adults!!!!  However the students did gain an extra WHITE BELT …….SIFU LEE!!!! He may only be a white belt but with 13 punches per second….we have high hopes for this white belt!!!!

However the highlight for me is always watching the immense amount of PRIDE in the students faces as they receive their next colour belts, the sense of achievement for them and for us alike is the best feeling in the world, here at KUNG FU MAIDSTONE we are so very PROUD of you all!!!!

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