The Numerous Benefits of Kung Fu

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Maidstone Kung Fu offers training for adults – men and women, young and old, with no previous experience, as well as children. Kung Fu has a great deal to offer those who participate and at various levels. Whether your focus is fitness, sport, or competition, it’s exciting and challenging both mentally and physically. Let’s look at some of the benefits of Kung Fu.

Health and Fitness

Health incorporates many areas – being able to sleep properly, having lots of energy, being calm, being alert, thinking clearly, and avoiding illnesses. Fitness is more than just physical strength and endurance. It includes your ability to endure hard work, react quickly, and your ability to concentrate without experiencing mental fatigue.

Kung Fu is much better than most other forms of exercise for its ability to promote overall health and fitness. For example, with jogging, swimming, and even karate as you age your fitness is diminished; however, with Kung Fu the opposite occurs. This is because Kung Fu is much more than just a physical exercise. Kung Fu develops your inner faculties as well – your mind and vital energy. A Kung Fu practitioner will have more vitality in work and play than the average person does. They will also have a calm mind and thinking clarity even when the situation is stressful and demanding.

Character Training

In addition to physical training, the teachings of Kung Fu emphasize moral development along with courage, respect, reverence for life, tolerance, and other important values. Kung Fu training by nature is character building.  There are a number of strong qualities such as discipline, endurance, loyalty, calm disposition, and perseverance all necessary for progressing to higher levels of Kung Fu. All of the skills and techniques you develop in Kung Fu can be used throughout your day-to-day life.

Self Defence

Self defence is the essence of all Chinese martial arts, but true Kung FU teachings will also teach students to avoid fighting and be tolerant. Being able to defend oneself is a valuable asset to have. Knowing that we are able to defend ourselves should the need arise builds self confidence. This can be used throughout your life such as school exams and job interviews. Knowing that you have self defence skills is more important than knowing you have the ability to fight.

Strength Training

Before long, you will be noticing an improved level of endurance and increased muscle strength. Your classes will usually begin with an exercise regimen that involves forms that strengthen your arms, legs, and core.  You will enjoy increased abdominal strength and back problems can become a thing of the past, which is especially exciting for most of us who have reached the age where our backs begin to give us grief.

Significant Increase in Flexibility

One would expect to enjoy muscle toning, but you will also enjoy a significant increase in your flexibility. The frequent kicks, punches, and hip pivots all help to constantly stretch your entire body, which leads to an increase in your overall flexibility. Some Kung Fu instructors will also teach you the special stretching techniques used by the monks to increase flexibility.

Self Confidence and Discipline

One thing that sets Kung Fu apart from other martial arts is the need for discipline training. In order to achieve ones black belt a lifetime of dedication and discipline is required, which surpasses every other martial arts system where you can earn a black belt in just a year or two. The self confidence and discipline you develop will begin to help you throughout all other aspects of your life.

Maidstone Kung Fu offers you an opportunity to not only get physically fit but also become mentally fit. You have the opportunity to make new friends, build lasting relationships, challenge yourself, and take what you learn and do in Kung Fu out into your day-to-day life. Walking on the treadmill, going to the gym, or numerous other forms of physical activity simply cannot match what Kung Fu can offer your family. Why not give Maidstone Kung Fu a try – you will be pleasantly surprised at just how well rounded your overall experience will be. Make Kung Fu part of your life, and begin to reap the benefits.

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