Kung Fu and How it Can Benefit Cancer Survivors

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Maidstone kung fu has a lot to offer children and adult, but what many may not be aware of is just how beneficial kung fu can be to cancer survivors. Recent research has shown that exercise can enhance the quality of life for cancer survivors, and kung fu along with other martial arts are recommended as an excellent choice for cancer survivors.

Why is kung fu so beneficial to cancer survivors? For many reasons that kung fu along with other martial arts can play such an important role in the health of cancer survivors. Cancer survivors are often already dealing with muscle damage so that the last thing they need is standard exercise that causes the breakdown and build up of muscle during their workout.

A study involving the eccentric movements of kung fu is found to not cause the typical muscle damage because it moves from slow to fast and light to heavy, so the survivor can benefit immensely. Those exercises prescribed to cancer survivors should focus on eccentric movement, which kung fu and other martial arts can capitalize on.

Let’s look at the other benefits kung fu can offer cancer survivors:

  • Aid in improving sleep. Approximately 30 percent of cancer survivors have trouble sleeping for long periods of time. Kung fu can help.
  • Kung fu is closely related to tai chi, chi kung, and qigong – all of these systems focus on cultivating personal energy, which can be very important to cancer survivors.
  • Relieve stress. It draws energy into your body through the flowing movements, breath, and visualization. Kung fu helps you learn how to counteract the body’s ‘fight or flight’ mechanism. Kung fu activates your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Stamina, coordination, and flexibility are all improved through kung fu. Your stamina will improve, as you grow stronger and more skilled. Kung fu lets you work at your level.
  • An emphasis is placed on moral development that includes self-discipline.
  • Social support and the building of friendships and relationships.
  • Cardio benefits are very important to the overall well being of the cancer survivor.
  • Kung fu helps to build strength at the speed that is comfortable to you.
  • Help with one’s emotional well being, healing, focus, and finding balance.

Cancer survivors have a lot to live for, but they face a lot of challenges. Those challenges include building their physical strength back up, finding emotional balance, and even focusing on returning to work. Kung fun can help with all of these areas of concern.

Cancer survivors may not recognize just how strong they are, that they are in fact fighters, and kung fu can help you build upon your inner strengths and move your life forward. Maidstone kung fu classes are there to help.

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