The Benefits of Kung Fu for Your Family

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Kung fu – it’s more than what you see in the movies. In fact, when it comes to family fitness, kung fu has a lot to offer whether you are six or 60. There are different kung fu forms offered in the Maidstone area, but they all share the same many benefits for your mind and body. Let’s look at the benefits of kung fu for your family.

  1. Strength Training
    Perhaps the most recognized benefits of kung fu are the physical benefits. You’ll develop muscle strength and improved endurance. The basic fighting forms and postures will develop leg and arm muscles, as well as core strength. You’ll also do basics like push-ups and sit-ups, which will strengthen the abs, and arm muscles.
  2. Increase your Flexibility
    In addition to muscle tone, you’ll enjoy improved flexibility. Your kicks, punches, pivots, and range of moves will stretch out your whole body, and result in improved flexibility.

  3. Self Confidence and Discipline
    One of the key features of kung fu in addition to the physical component is the mental component. Through all the steps and all the levels of kung fu, you will learn discipline and with that discipline, you’ll find your self -confidence building as your skill level builds and you get better and more proficient at kung fu.
  4. Physical Fitness
    Enjoy a complete workout with kung fu. You’ll improve your overall fitness level – develop lean muscle mass and cardio fitness too. Kung fu is a better form of exercise for promoting overall health and fitness, than jogging, swimming, karate, etc. Generally, fitness diminishes as you get older, but practicing kung fu will improve your physical fitness as you age. A Maidstone kung fu practitioner will instil the vitality and zest that comes with kung fu.
  5. Calming of the Mind
    While your body is becoming more fit, your mind will becoming calmer, more focused, more in-tune with your body. The benefits of this type of mental clarity are immense, as you will soon find out. You’ll be able to transfer this to your day to day life.

Difference between Kung Fu and Other Martial Arts

There can be some confusion about the difference between kung fu and other martial arts. In Maidstone, you can choose between many forms of martial arts. Kung fu is broken into four areas: kicking, striking, seizing and locking the joints, and grappling and throwing. Other martial arts like Tae kwon do, karate, or judo specializes in one or two of the areas.

Some martial arts are extremely violent, but you will find that kung fu is not one of them. Maidstone kung fu will help you develop your skills so that you can become proficient at kung fu. You can take your skill level as far as you wish. If you’ve been looking for a way for your family to become more proficient, why not get your family involved in Maidstone kung fu today? Let your family begin to enjoy the benefits of kung fu. Register in a Maidstone kung fu class today.

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