Long Term Weight Loss With Kung Fu

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Whether you’ve been practicing kung fu for a while or you are new to Maidstone kung fu, these tips will help you improve your weight loss. Maidstone kung fu provides you with an excellent opportunity to lose weight while learning new skills, and actually enjoying your activity. How often do we start a weight loss program, only to find it boring and perhaps even effective, shortly after? With Maidstone kung fu, you’ll feel motivated and you’ll focus less on the weight loss, which will happen, and more on enjoying what you are doing.

If you want to improve the results from your kung fu fitness regime, you will want to read on! Kung fu gives you an excellent way to improve your overall fitness. Attending a Maidstone kung fu class is an excellent way to lose weight, gain muscle, develop form, and build your self-confidence. It’s also a good idea to practice your kung fu at home, maybe you are on the road and want to continue with your kung fu, or there is another reason why you can’t get to class. Whatever your reason, here are some great tips to help you with your kung fu fitness regime.

You need to exercise for at least 30 minutes and the pace needs to get your heart rate up. If you do this, you will get the benefits of your kung fu training. There are alternatives to having the equipment you might have in class. You just need to ensure that you are working the major muscle groups. This will target your core and help you maintain your level so you can easily return to your Maidstone muscle arts class. So let’s have a look what you can do outside of class.

The Plank – This works to strengthen your core. You start with a push up position, making sure your arms are extended and that your head and body form a nice straight line, then just hold this form.

The Split Lunge – Start in a standing position with your feet together. Next, place your hands. Keep your back straight, take your right foot, and step forward taking a step that’s larger than normal. Now lower yourself until your left knee is about an inch or so from the floor. Now you have to raise yourself until your muscles no longer are contracting. Then you repeat lowering yourself again. Do as many as you can. Now do your left side.

The Hip Thigh Extension – You need to lie on your back and place your arms at a 45-degree angle from your body. Your palms should be up. Bend your right leg until your right foot is aligned with your left knee. Keep your left leg straight. Now lift your body about an inch off the floor. You need to raise your body keeping it straight until your left knee is aligned with your right. The only thing in contact with the floor should be your right foot, and your arms with upper back. You should do 5-10 reps and then change to your right side.

There are other exercises you can that will help to continue with your weight loss so be sure to practice these exercises between classes to help strengthen, tone, and lose weight.

Remember kung fu is one of the most effective methods to long term weight loss so you should try to attend as many classes as possible to see maximum results. So make sure you show up at Maidstone kung fu classes!

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