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BySifu Lee Jacobs


Summer is finally here, and we can now AT LAST plan our Kung Fu 4 Life family Summer fun day!!!!

We always have social events for our children throughout the year Easter, Summer, Halloween & Christmas to name but a few !!!!  It’s a great way to spend some “down time” with the kids & Instructors at Kung Fu 4 Life Maidstone !!! It also gives the children a chance to “hang out” with their Kung Fu Buddies, as many of them will not see each other,  other than in class, this is all down to the social skills they have also developed as being part of our Kung Fu Family!!!

Part of what we do as our syllabus is to introduce some Life skills” even with the Little Dragons as young as 3……Its never too young to start them on the right path to learning those all important skills that will follow them throughout their childhood, teen and adult lives.

Maidstone Martial Arts has always been keen to not only teach the students  discipline of Wing Tsun  but also to  be accepting of all other students, regardless or belt rank or capability or age but to ensure that outside of our school the students  respect that every person is an individual and has just as many qualilties and talents.

Which is why we feel that giving the students the opportunity to come together outside of the class atmosphere is equally beneficial to them.

Its fantastic for us to see the “Junior ” students interacting so well with the “younger “ Little dragons and helping them get involved with all the activities that are laid on for them.  It also does wonders for their Leadership skills to help with the “Assistant Instructor” positions some students have been awarded.

The Assistant Instructors also embarked on their 1st C.I.T  ( Certified Instructor Training) days, this happens once a month and is a session where our fledging instructors at Maidstone Kung Fu are trained in teaching skills, and I have to say they all looked like they had a blast making up new drills and putting some of their own ideas into the lesson planning !!!!!!!.

Also in the lead up to the summer holidays we met some lovely people at the various school fetes we attended this year so if you saw us and had fun at one of our work shops …..Come and Find Us !!!!!! We would love to see some new faces down here at Kung fu Maidstone

Kim Horton.

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