How to Find the Best Kung Fu School for Your Children

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Children can really benefit from Kung Fu. In fact, self-defence is an amazing gift to your children, allowing them to build powerful and important skills for the world we live in. Children in Maidstone love kung fu, and there is no reason why your children can’t participate in Maidstone kung fu. Even at the younger ages, children can learn kung fu fundamentals.

Before you choose the right Maidstone kung fu school for your children, you first need to understand who your kids are. Why do your children want to learn kung fu? Is it because they have friends that are doing it? The self-confidence, fitness? Or do they just love the art form itself. The answers will depend a great deal on the age of your children. You should also examine why you want your children to participate in kung fu.

You should always inspect the facility before you make your decision. It’s a great way to discover what each kung fu facility has to offer, meet the instructors, and learn about their focus. Ask other parents who have children going to the kung fu facility what they think, how their children like it, about the pros and cons. A good children’s kung fu skill will have mentors who are well trained and offer a fair and stress free environment for the children to learn.

You want to seek out a kung fu instructor who has experience dealing with children, and a Maidstone kung fu school that embraces and encourages children. The kung fu instructor must be able to maintain to communicate with children and build a rapport. Dealing with children is much different than dealing with adults, and not everyone is good at it. Look for parental references to a particular Maidstone kung fu school.

Next, you will want to research what the kung fu school cost and their methodology for children who are participating in martial arts. Kung fu for children is taught many different ways. Some schools focus on teaching the Chinese culture behind kung fu teaching discipline and respect. Make sure the method of teaching isn’t too strict for your children. Other kung fu schools have a different philosophy where they focus on teaching the children self-defence appropriate to the age and building self-esteem.

The Paediatrics Committee on Sports Medicine and Fitness recommends six years of age as an excellent age to start participating in martial arts. Muscle control is sufficient to be able to properly punch, kick, and turn all of which are important in martial arts.

Even if your children have not actually expressed a direct interest to you about participating in kung fu, consider getting them involved. The benefits are endless. Let’s have a look:

  • Build friendships
  • Learn self defence skills
  • Build self confidence
  • Build a sense of accomplishment
  • Build self discipline
  • Become fit
  • Improve overall health
  • Excellent cardio workout
  • Teaches children how to train your mind, body, and spirit

That should be all the reasons you need. Why not think about putting your children in a Maidstone kung fu class today.

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