How Kung Fu Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Kung Fu as well as other martial arts is associated with person development and self-defence, but Kung Fu is an excellent fitness program and it can help you lose weight, and especially help you lose belly fat. Maidstone Kung Fu can help you achieve your weight loss goals, becoming slimmer and trimmer in no time at all.

Kung Fu offers a cumulative effect for weight loss and belly fat loss that is healthy. You will enjoy regular, small achievements rather than some drastic change. Kung Fu does not target the belly but you are burning calories and that leads to the loss of belly fat.

Step #1

Attend 1-2 Maidstone Kung Fu classes per week. This will ensure you burn enough calories to enjoy slow, but steady weight loss. For than more classes can lead to over training.

Step #2

Actively participate in each of the training drills. The harder you work the more calories you burn. Pay special attention to forms, which are drills and exercises focusing your abdominal muscles. It will help to tighten and tone your ab muscles, beneath the fat you ware working to burn away. This tightening has the ability to narrow your waistline by inches, which creates an illusion of rapid weight loss.

Step #3

Keep moving while you are listening to your Maidstone Kung Fu instructor. This helps to keep your heart rate elevated, which means your burning additional calories. Discuss this with your instructor to make sure you are not breaking any etiquette rules.

Step #4

You should practice your Kung Fu every day for 15 to 30 minutes. It doesn’t need to be strenuous. Instead, you can use this time to work on your techniques so they become engrained in your muscle’s memory. You will be able to move quicker with more intensity during your class, which will burn more calories.

Step #5

You can support your weight loss through Kung Fu by restricting your calories as recommended by a fitness professional.

Step #6

Once a week you should measure your waist. Try to measure on the same day at the same time. Keep a log so you can track your progress. If you are not seeing the loss of inches, you should increase your intensity.

Maidstone Kung Fu can help you achieve your weight loss goals and you can watch your belly fat melt away. So why wait? Now’s a great time to get involved with other Maidstone residents who are enjoying what Kung Fu can do for them.

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