NO (I ) in team ……. At Maidstone Martial Arts

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BySifu Lee Jacobs

One of the nicest things about being part of the Kung Fu 4 Life team is the enormous feeling of teamwork within the students.  Something that as adults we all tend to lose along the way as we start to stand more as islands !!!!

Teamwork is all about Acceptance– accepting other people’s views, Respect – Listening to  others ideas, Confidence –  being able to convey your ideas in a positive manner.

All part of the  life skills that here at Martial Arts Maidstone we work into our classes in our quest to the never-ending progression of our students.

We thought what better time to really get some serious teamwork training in than during the London 2010 Olympics!!!!

However the weather man this year was not part of our team L  Our summer fun day which was due to take place in Mote Park was moved to the school at the last hour.

Right…….Games to play and Q U I C K !!!!!!!!!!!!

We had an Olympic theme and chose teams of mixed ages …….each team had a “Parent team leader” ,…….see we even make our parents part of the Kung Fu 4 Life team!!!!

The teams had to negotiate their way through various assault courses using both their bodies and their intellect!!!!!  Very entertaining in some cases!!!! Mainly trying to get the adults over/under/ around obstacles !!!!

As you can imagine the intellect of a 3 year old Little Dragon student and a 13 year old Junior student is HUGELY different and part of the challenge is to get our Juniors to convey their ideas to the smaller ones……..Whilst they don’t realise they are in fact using valuable life skills already installed in them during their Kung Fu training.

It takes huge Communication skills to negotiate a team of 4/5 year olds over a shark infested sea with only focus mitts to balance on !!!!!!

The winning team was made up of :-

Albie Horton-Brown      Charlotte London          Marcus Balzanelli         Joshua Hope

Gary Butler      Millie Russell….  And not forgetting our parent team leader… Sharon !!!! (Thankyou Sharon )

WELL DONE GUYS !!!!!!! and to everyone that took part in our Olympic 2012 funday!!

Staying with the Olympic theme I would like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to Mason Blazanelli for his PRIDE VALUES AWARD

Kent County Council introduced the awards into local schools during the London 2012 Olympics.

Children were awarded points during school if they showed outstanding effort in 5 areas:-

Personal Excellence

Respect and Friendship


Determination and Courage


Mason demonstrates all the qualities that make up the word PRIDE… in turn makes us very  Proud to have you as a student here at Kung Fu 4 Life.  WELL DONE MASON !!!!!!

Kim Horton.

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