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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Weight loss with kung fu is a reality. Kung fu exercise drills and routines will help you attain optimum body weight, lean muscle mass, and improve your body’s efficiency, effectiveness, and physical form. This is a much different approach from aerobic exercise, calorie counting, and diet. Weight loss with kung fu occurs but that’s not the actual focus and that’s what makes this type of weight loss so appealing and unique. Maidstone kung fu opportunities are available, so consider giving it a try.

Let’s look at some of the kung fu exercises that you will learn and how they can help you lose weight.

External Quigong – Wu Shu Massage

The most common place to store weight is often in the thighs.This prospective energy pool can actually be tapped into and used for the purpose of kung fu. Over time, if this area is regularly massaged the accumulated fat will actually be used for fuel and burned.

To massage use your opposite palms, and massage both the insides and front of your thighs 50x in an anti- clockwise motion. Do this five times per week. To intensify the massage do it 100x. It takes time to process the first fat deposit so you need to be patient and consistent.

Stance and Posture Exercises

Postures that involve prolonged tip-toe use, will actually cause the fatty midriff deposits to melt away, and disappear thanks to the work of gravity. You can use these exercises to make use of this principle.

  1. Stand on your tip-toes with your heels together for 30 seconds. Repeat three times.
  2. With your feet apart try a horse stance on your tip-toes. Outstretch your arms and fingers at shoulder height. Bounce up and down with your back straight and your knees bent. Rest and repeat.
  3. Have your hands linked with your palms overlapping and your two thumb tips together to form a triangle. With your arms outstretched bounce up and down with your knees bent and back straight. Rest and repeat.

Internal Qigong Routine

There are different internal quigong routines that have different intensities and they will speed up your internal bodily functions differently. Fatty deposits can be metabolized with some of these routines such as the Bodhidharma’s Shi Soeii Jing routine. Some of these routines turbo charge the internal process of using energy allowing for even the most stubborn fat deposits to be burned away.

Kung fu offers a cardio workout, strength training, balance work, and a mental workout. You’ll lose fat and gain muscle mass, while at the same time you’ll improve your heart health. Obesity is the fastest growing problem, reaching an epidemic shortly. You don’t want to be a statistic. Get your health back and enjoy longevity by registering in a local Maidstone kung fu program and enjoy the skills you learn while enjoying weight loss with kung fu.

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