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BySifu Lee Jacobs

Protecting oneself is one of the most important things someone can do for themselves these days. From street burglars, to domestic abuse, there is almost always a way for someone to physically abuse or take advantage of someone else.

When someone can defend themselves against an attacker using only their hands, the odds are evened out a little bit.

For children, even those with disabilities like autism, kung fu classes can be a fun and engaging way to learn a new skill.

There are many Kung Fu courses offered all over the globe, it is a cherished and prized art. Along with its necessity in everyday life, it can also be a fun way for children to be a part of an extra-curricular activity outside of the normal day-to-day dealings.

When a child is engaged in a kung fu class, an interest for other things outside of the normal school day is born. This is the kind of developing step that may lead to a brighter future and greater learning potential for a child, especially in children with autism.

In Maidstone, the kung Fu classes offered to children are non-discriminatory, meaning any child with any possible learning disability is still welcome to join and learn about the beauty and mystery of kung fu.

The training area offers a safe sanctuary and developmental atmosphere that all can share and cherish, regardless of any health issues.

It is also empowering for a child with a learning disability like autism to be able to learn something along with their peers, as in the classroom it may not be easy for them to grasp concepts.

Being in another setting outside of the classroom and still interacting with other children may be a way for the child to express themselves and find another source of inspiration.

Maidstone isn’t the only place that offers kung fu classes for children, and children with autism, but it is a reassuring fact that there are some out there.

When a child with a disability feels welcome and accepted even with their shortcomings, it can mean all the difference.

The same goes not old for those with disabilities like autism but for children without them as well; for when a single child is accepted for who and what there are, there is no telling how far they can go, or what they can accomplish, inside a kung fu school or not.

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