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BySifu Lee Jacobs

We have had PROMOTION in the ranks here at KUNG FU 4 LIFE this week !!!!  Exciting times indeed!!!!!


4 of our junior students have been acknowledged for their commitment and attitude within the school here and have been promoted to Assistant Instructors to work alongside and support SiJe Lorraine and SiJe Jordan within the Little Dragon classes!!!   A huge honour indeed and a massive step up in responsibility!!!!



Albie Horton-Brown aged 8 (Black/Brown belt)

Albie first joined the school in July 2010 so has been training here for just under 2 years.  He is currently a black/brown grade (and is grading for his Junior Black tonight!!!!!  GOOD LUCK ALBIE!!!!)

Albie first came to the school after trying JUDO, to which he decided “I don’t like throwing people on the floor!!!”

Looking back at Albie’s parent’s initial information prior to joining the school their main objectives were

“For Albie to gain some self-confidence/Self-esteem”

To watch Albie stand in front of a class of students leading the STUDENT CREED and now assisting to instruct, you would have no idea that he had any confidence issues what so ever!!!!   He doesn’t miss any classes and his eagerness to help anyone (Including Adult Students) if he can, speaks volumes for how far this young man has come in the time he has been here.  Being the smallest of our Assistant Instructors and with a very passive nature, Albie works very well with the LITTLE DRAGONS.

So Congratulations Albie …Keep up the good work!!!!


Harry Amondson aged 11 (Brown belt)


Harry has been with us now for 14months and is currently a Junior Brown belt, and grading for his Black/Brown tonight!!!!  (GO FOR IT HARRY!!!!!!)

When Harry first joined us it was for help with self-discipline and “to stop quitting” at everything!!!


He has seen all his junior grades through and although at time has “felt like he’s not quite making the grade” Harry with the support of his instructors has NEVER QUIT….and is now just 2 grades away from his Junior Black belt.

He is the most powerful “kicker” we have here at the school and SiJe Kim has been on the receiving end of one of them!!!!!!  Harry’s calm, quiet approach makes him a real favourite with our Little Dragons!!!

Harry now also trains with the Basic adults working hard on raising his fitness and stamina levels.   LOOK OUT ADULTS!!!!


Cameron Judge aged 12 (Brown/Blue belt)

Cameron first came to Martial Arts Maidstone in March 2011, so has now been training with us for 15 months. He is currently a Brown/Blue belt and grading for his Brown belt GOOD LUCK CAM!!!!!

Cameron had a keen interest in Martial Arts as both his Dad & brother had previously done Karate, Cameron was looking for something different…and Karate’s loss was Wing Stuns gain!!!

Cameron’s parents were hoping that by “Cam” attending our classes he would be able to gain more concentration, focus and self-discipline, something I’m sure all youngsters at this age start to wain away from with all the other outside influences starting to kick in!!!

Cam has had his trials and tribulations over the year with thinking that he wasn’t performing in regard to his punch rate. What generally happens is that as student’s progress their technique improves and therefore the speed sometimes dips……as was the case with Cam leaving him disappointed L

Again SiJe Lorraine put time & effort in with Cam and the end results were that Cam now produces 414 punches in 1 minute.  This beats most of our adult students and places Cam as a fantastic role model in determination to assist our Little Dragons.   “A Master Is A Student That Never Quit”


Conner Growns aged 12 (Brown/Blue belt)


Conner came to Kung Fu 4 Life in December 2010 so has been in training with us for 18 months. He is currently at Brown/Blue grade and a successful grading this week will see Conner in his Brown Belt!!!!  GOOD LUCK!!!!

Looking back at Conner’s admission forms to the school his parents/carers were looking for something to help Conner with raising his self-confidence and awareness as they acknowledged that Conner is very tall for his age, and that can make people perceive he is a lot older than he actually is….which unfortunately could attract the wrong kind of attention to Conner in these next few years.  Something as parents we all worry about I’m sure!!!!!

Conner has trained hard within his time with the junior section and is now training as part of our adult program.  He is particularly focused on improving his fitness and never moans!!!

He has done really well to achieve the status of Assistant Instructor a position that comes with a lot of responsibility and dedication. Looking back at Conner’s Goal Setting in 2011 his closing comment was:-

“To stay on track, to keep listening to what my instructors say and do what they ask to help me achieve my goals and maybe become an instructor myself one day”

With the right decisions made Conner….. Nothing is unachievable!!!!!!!!!


Kim Horton.

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