Welcome to Maidstone Kung Fu

Looking for a Kung Fu School? Here’s Why Maidstone Kung Fu 4 Life is For YOU!
Hello and thanks for dropping by Maidstone Kung Fu 4 Life!

If you take just a minute to watch our video and read this short page, you’ll quickly realize why we’re different from other Kung Fu schools.

We TRY to be different… because we really want to stand out for all the right reasons.

Sure, we pride ourselves on providing a fun, friendly, family oriented atmosphere for all of our students.

Yes, you’ll find that our highly trained and qualified instructors are a pleasure to work with.

And no doubt, we provide you with a safe, clean environment to learn and train in, while providing you with expert instruction in Kung Fu.

But we literally go the extra mile for our students, no matter WHAT age. Your success is our success… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Unlike some Schools, the instructors here at Kung Fu 4 Life are dedicated to their students. We literally will BEND over backwards for our students (yes, our instructors are THAT flexible!)

You’ll never have to experience a late instructor or a mundane class of robotic repetition, just to fill your scheduled time block.

Not to mention… with most other Kung Fu or Martial Art clubs… you’re bound to find what we refer to as, “meatheads”.

You know… those bozos who are dedicated to beating up or besting every member of the club.

At Kung Fu 4 Life, there are no meatheads allowed. We pride ourselves on being family friendly and a pleasure to train at.

So either we won’t allow these “tough guys” to stay with our program… or they’re “asked” to adapt to the philosophy of our family friendly atmosphere.

Bottom line… our program’s focus is to help students understand the importance of discipline, respect and tradition.

While we ARE a Kung Fu school… we also understand the importance of encouraging our students, which results in a large boost to the student’s confidence level.

In fact, we ourselves are so confident that you’ll enjoy your time within our school, that we offer our new students a 30-day free trial.

At the end of your 30 days, if you don’t feel that we’re the right choice for you, we will part ways on friendly terms!

With our no obligation offer, there’s no contract to sign or agreement to adhere to, just sign a small wavier and pick your classes.

Yes, it’s THAT easy!

So go ahead and try out the best Kung Fu school for YOU… Maidstone Kung Fu 4 Life!